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Something in the Water

Something in the Water is a game set in a post climate change world in which mass leakages of atrazine, an herbicide known to feminize male frogs, has transformed the landscape into a queer utopia. Within the world, a taxonomy of queer cryptids interact in an enclosed society where their existence can be played out uninterrupted by questions of their existence.

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Encryptid Portraits

Encryptid Portraits are a series of wall-mounted interactive illustrations of cryptids that use facial mapping to display a viewer's own facial expressions.

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Spacebot is an iPhone game featuring a solitary robot who finds himself lost and broken on a distant planet. He must collect peices to repair himself to go home, but once he is repaired he wonders if going home is what he really wants. He ultimately has to make a choice to keep exploring the universe or head home.

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Pratt Institute

BFA, Interactive Arts

Unified Field, Inc

Design Intern, 2017

Verizon Wireless

UX Design Intern, 2016

Dreamit Ventures

Design Intern, 2015

About Me

I'm an artist and technologist in Brooklyn NY. My work tends to employ technologies like gaming, augmented reality, the web, and mobile applications to explore issues of queerness, future, and fantasy.

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