Collision Course


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Data Through Design >>>

Collision Course is a series of real-time 3D virtual environments which speculate upon the automation bias that is likely to drive our car-enabling transportation policies in coming years. Built using a game engine, and inspired by my experiences as a New York City cyclist, these environments depict motor vehicle nightmare scapes. Scenes include a block which is entirely encircled by droning self driving vehicles seeking non-existent passengers in the middle of the night and a flowing stream of out of control vehicles seeking speed on the curves of a fantastical highway ramp. These environments examine the emotional consequences of machines continuing to take ownership of public space and bring into focus the absurdity of the silicon valley promise that autonomy will foster an age of efficiency and climate neutrality. They also respond to our city’s ongoing street identity crises by imagining a future in which the so called war on cars has been lost and vision zero rendered a faded pipe dream.

Single Project

^Collision Course installed at Data Through Design. Brooklyn, NY. March 2019